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Our Hospital

Private Akdeniz Sìfa Hospital


By raising employees who are happy, successful, sensitive, give importance to communication and open to improvement; To keep the expectations of employees and patients at the highest level, to give importance to patient rights and to meet expectations, to serve our patients with expert staff by providing quality and economic services that care about patient and employee safety


To be a successful and exemplary organization that respects human rights and ensures continuity among health institutions with its service quality.


We are transparent towards our patients by being friendly, patient and fair, We always maintain effective communication with our patients by making eye contact, We provide safe health services to increase the quality of life by meeting the expectations of patients and their relatives. We train qualified employees who are successful, happy, conscious, researching, disciplined and believe in teamwork. As hospital employees, we know our responsibilities towards the environment and society and continue our processes in this direction. We offer our patients and employees a comfortable and safe environment. We act with the principle of continuous improvement by measuring processes.


Human focus




Lasting trust

Team work

Patient and employee satisfaction

Respect for society, environment and laws

Continuous improvement Being accessible

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