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About us

We are specialists in health and beauty surgery

We provide dental treatments, obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery, smart lens and laser eye treatment, hair transplant and gynaecological surgery in our well-equipped hospitals in Antalya/Turkey.

We provide all flights, 24/7 transport service, interpreter service and accommodations to offer our patients ultimate comfort and care.

Our Vision:

To inspire hope and contribute to well-being by providing patient-centred healthcare and delivering excellent clinical quality through integrated medical practice, education, and research.


Our Mission:

To offer quality health care at affordable costs to a broader segment of people and to extend quality care beyond national boundaries through medical tourism.

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Our Departments:


Regenesis Health Travel  provides you the best opportunities for your life, beauty and satisfaction.

Regenesis  is founded officially to help patients’ treatment process with providing high quality medical treatment and great hospitality. We aim that our guests will have safer environment and informed decisions with significantly lower medical travel costs. We give this overseas services with our outstanding experience on health & tourism field. Our main principles are honesty, transparency and privacy.

Our Team

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, and now feel confident that we can provide you professional and effective solutions in a timely manner. Let’s meet our great team who are working hard to give you the best possible experince in working with us.

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Official Documents & Certificates

Regenesis Health Travel’s meticulous approach to documentation, adherence to global procedures, and strict compliance practices ensure that your health journey is executed with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Trust us to deliver a seamless and reliable health tourism experience, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Health Tourism

International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate


Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Certificate

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Our Partners

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Swiss precision and quality

Unlock a New Era of Implant Excellence – Discover Straumann at Regenesis Health Travel by an experienced team of professionals with decades of experience in all fields of dentistry. Unlock the transformative power of dental implants with Regenesis Health Travel and experience the unrivalled precision of Straumann. As a pioneer in implant dentistry, we proudly offer you the world’s finest solution, backed by cutting-edge technology and renowned expertise. Trust Straumann’s exceptional quality and our exceptional care to redefine your smile.


Sanitas Travel, which has been serving in the field of health tourism since 2013, has the Authorized Health Tourism Agency accreditation from the the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our patients are under the full protection of Turkish Ministry of Health when they have treatments operated by Sanitas Travel that approved by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.

Silvine Law

Located in the heart of London, Silvine Law is an award-winning and forward-thinking full-service law firm. By representing Regenesis Health Travel in all legal matters in the UK and Turkey, it offers a flawless experience. As the partner organisation of Regenesis Health Travel UK, Silvine Law would be pleased to assist you in any matter regarding your travel to Turkey.

Eo Design Digital

EO Design & Digital is a London-based advertising agency that provides advertising, promotion and software support on behalf of Regenesis Health Travel. The company helps us implementing the most appropriate design and marketing strategies to make our services more successful by solving business & marketing problems and to read data accurately in achieving the best results.


I-system company, from which we supply implant systems, offers dental implants manufactured with Swiss precision with the latest technologies.


ImplantSwiss, from which we supply implant systems, offers dental implants manufactured with Swiss precision with the latest technologies.

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One piece implants for Regenesis are designed by Monoimplant, whose main manufacturing facility is located in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.


Goldental Laboratories produces the best dental products for Regenesis Health Travel by professional technicians.


Bora Dental, which is the distributor of all implant products of Regenesis Health Travel, works to provide the most suitable materials to the patients.


W&H, another partner that provides external equipment, is a leader in providing high-tech products with international and professional working principles and with service support for all kinds of needs.


Bego, the company that promises a German guarantee in implant products, builds trust for Regenesis Health Travel patients.


NovoDent, where we supply the implant systems, also offers dental implants manufactured with Swiss precision with the latest technologies, like the joint venture ImplantSwiss.


Blue Design Laboratories produces the best dental products for Regenesis Health Travel by professional technicians.