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Our Hospitals

Our affiliated hospitals elevate your healthcare experience with top-notch service quality

At Regenesis Health Travel, we collaborate with reliable and experienced healthcare institutions to meet your medical needs. Our affiliated hospitals elevate your healthcare experience with top-notch service quality and a team of expert physicians.

We take pride in providing you with the best service and are delighted to be by your side on your health journey. Explore our affiliated hospitals now and take a step closer to your health goals!


Regenesis Suite Hotel & Spa

We will be celebrating Regenesis Health Travel’s  6th anniversary on February 2024 with a gorgeous opening at Regenesis Suite Hotel in Antalya!

Stay tuned 💚

Regenesis Dental Centre

Regenesis Dental Centre

Patients visiting Regenesis Dental Center, a state-of-the-art dental clinic located in Guzeloba, Antalya, can expect excellent quality dental care in a modern, comfortable and hygienic environment. Our team is ready to listen and take the time to fully discuss your dental needs and concerns and to offer you the highest quality care for your mouth.

Anatolia Hospital

Anatolia Hospital

Introducing our new solution partner, Anatolia Hospital! We are excited to expand our family and offer even more comprehensive healthcare services to our valued patients. At Anatolia Hospital, our dedicated team of doctors and healthcare professionals is committed to meeting your health-related needs with utmost care and expertise.

Rich Hospital

Rich Hospital

Rich Hospital, aiming at the principle of unconditional patient satisfaction, is equipped with an infrastructure suitable for modern health understanding, since health services cannot be postponed and substituted.


Medstar Hospital

Our new hospital partner, Medstar Hospital, is one of the best regional hospitals serving with many departments throughout Antalya. Medstar Antalya Hospital has 5 operating rooms and a total of 33 intensive care beds, 23 in general intensive care and 10 in neonatal intensive care.

Akdeniz Sifa

Akdeniz Sifa Hospital

Our hospital, which is built on a closed area of 5500m2, provides service to the surrounding provinces and districts, mainly to Antalya, and to the Mediterranean region, with 16 incubators neonatal intensive care units, 30 intensive care beds, 6 of which are internal, 6 surgical and 2 coronary, and a total of 75 beds.

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